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We take pride in our area rug cleaning services. As soon as your rug endures the detailed cleaning process at our modern cleaning facilities, you’re rug will look better than new. It shall feel soft again, have bright hues again, and even smell better. Not only will your rug be gorgeous again, but its useful life will be considerably increased. Our cleaning service caters specifically to your area rug, taking in the sort of fabric it consists of and the type of soil that needs to be cleaned.

Every single rug is hand-inspected by one of our trained carpet cleaning professionals in order to determine specifically how your carpet should be treated. Damage caused by moths, pets, water and fire are indicators we search for. We also check to see if the color will dim or run, and the cleaning process is changed to the rug’s needs.

Pre-washing Your Area Rug

Your rug is put in a special machine and rotated to loosen the dirt then vacuumed. If these particles are not cleared, they can work away the fibers of the rug.

Next comes the first stage of cleaning.

The rug is placed in a water bath that removes dirt and spots. We take care to examine the fringe and back of your rug to make sure they are getting clean as well.

The Second Phase of the Rug Cleaning Process

Conventional cleaning companies usually leave a residue of soap in the rug, and this in turn traps dust and dirt so the rug gets dirty again quickly. We flood and rinse your rug so that all the cleaning chemicals are washed out of the rug.

Combing and Drying Your Carpet

We will make sure your rug’s pile is going the correct way, and carefully brush the fringes and the rug itself. Following that, we implement a drying room that is calibrated to provide exactly the proper drying conditions for your rug. The airflow and humidity are adapted for the certain sort of rug that is to be dried.

Improving the Odor of Your Carpet

A small air freshener could be provided to help excise odors and further sanitize your rug, bringing freshness to the entire room once you bring it back home. You will have the alternative of fragrance, which will be put on the rug’s pile. You can select from baby powder, cherry, lemon, or peach.

Finally, we do a detailed examination after the cleaning.

We strive to examine your rug after it has fully dried. If we are unhappy with the results then we do a second wash and put it through the whole process again until we get the nicest results that we can.

It does not matter the sort of rug you have we can repair and restore it. We bring on professional rug restorers who can maintain fringes, holes, edges, and tears. We can get your rug to its original appearance.

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